Drippy Duo Set

Graham Cracker

Regular price $500.00

A 3 piece set composed of two chairs and a side table (no coffee table). I really loved this chair design so much that I had to build it twice. I changed the dimensions on the second chair to see if that would alter my affection for the design- It did not what so ever. 

I finished this set with a satin gloss polyurethane with a spotty/ drippy spray paint style underneath that I have come attached to as I relate to it somehow.
I wonder if feelings arise in you too as you dissect them. 

 UPDATE- I will be raffling this set off in pieces as it has been taking up too much space in my workshop. Contact me soon if you are interested in this 3 piece collection.

Measurements in picture above.
This set is for Pick Up/ Local Delivery only in Fresno, C.A