Graham standing in from of a black and white striped mural an iced dyed sweatsuit colored in a shitake mushroom palate.

For Graham Cracker, creating exists at the important intersection of happiness and calm. His interest in woodworking began in high school, where he took wood shop three times, an undisputed school record. He's spent the last few years carving out a name for himself by creating one-of-a-kind artisanal goods around California's Central Valley. 

His favorite piece is a metal and glass coffee table he has in his home. It is a simple design, made entirely of reclaimed materials – two themes he likes to incorporate into his work. The best part of life as a craftsman, he said, is having people appreciate something you love doing. In addition to creating the items you see on this website, Graham Cracker works with businesses and individuals throughout California on commissioned pieces. Melding clients’ ideas with his own perspective, he's mastered the art of hand-carved happiness.