Grahamify My Face

Graham Cracker

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I’ve done 100+ of these paintings in a style that is continuously evolving and I am constantly finding ways to be creative and a little weird with your favorite photos.
It started as a $5.00 playful order in 2022 and has grown more and more detailed since then.

What helps make for a good pet portrait?
 I love when the person ordering sends in their favorite photos, trusting me with something they are most connected with. You've stared at that face for hours now I will too. :)

That being said here are some tips:
🔆Good lighting in the picture 
👀Clear visibility of the subjects eyes
🤳Subject looking mostly straight towards camera
🫥A photo that hasn’t been screenshot/ isn’t a poor quality when zoomed in on

Email photo to and I’ll mail you back a nice lookin’ chunk of wood.  It will include a key hole in the back so you can hang it. 👍


Dimensions: ( roughly )
8" x 5.75" x .5" x 1.5 ” deep

 In doing these portraits I have a tendency to be very self critical and will eventually turn this product off for a period of time before feeling confident enough to share those talents again.
Please allow 2 weeks completion time.