Propagation Station J’Accuse Ceruse

Graham Cracker

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Black Oak finished with steel wool/vinegar to oxidize the wood before adding white wax into the open pores of the wood, a process called Cerusing. 


Made from 1/4” thick Black Oak, steam bent into organic looking curve. 

Here is a overview of the making process-

Cut 1/4” x 2” wooden strip

Soak strip in 50/50 water and laundry softener for 3 days

Steam piece for 20 minutes at 212 degrees.

Place / finesse the wood into molding form, let dry for 1 hour

Bake in oven at 215 degrees for 1 hour

Drill holes

Sand, decorate and finish!

This particular one is awaiting the arrival of a shorter glass insert as one just barely touches the floor.

2-Glass inserts included 1” x 6”

Total dimensions- 14” long x 8” tall